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In the beginning all I wanted to do was reach out and talk to other spiritual / pagan people. Throughout, I was able to meet a wonderful community here. Scorpio Weekly Horoscope December 2 to 8, Monday to Friday an increased desire for social contact and enjoyment makes this is one of.

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It strengthens the muscles and heart, and stimulates circulation. Though not a purifier in itself, Rhodonite boosts the organs and glands, allowing them to purify the body more effectively. It is thought to assist in ridding the body of gallstones or kidney stones, and can support the healing of the liver from disease or damage.

Rhodonite contains manganese and is considered one of the best stones for healing injuries, cuts, and bleeding wounds, and for soothing insect bites and stings. It may be useful for reducing scar tissue or birth marks, and aiding skin conditions due to allergies. Traditionally used to calm stomach ulcers, Rhodonite is also believed to aid in treatments for auto-immune diseases, soothing inflammation of the joints and arthritis, easing symptoms of emphysema and other chronic or progressive lung conditions.

Horoscope For Scorpio This Week

Rhodonite encourages bone growth, and placed behind the ears fine-tunes auditory vibrations to assist hearing and relieve tinnitus. For energetic healing, drink one 8-ounce glass of Rhodochrosite water every day for two weeks, followed by the same amount of Rhodonite water every day for three weeks.

For another week, massage the hands with a polished Rhodonite stone.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope January 8-14 2018 Astrology & Tarot

We highly recommend the indirect method of preparation for internal elixirs. Rhodonite is an ideal stone for processing and dispelling emotional pain. It clears away wounds and scars of the past, releasing abusive and self-destructive behaviors, feelings of hatred, anger or resentment, and allows one to see both sides of an issue.

It encourages mutual understanding and opens one to forgiveness and reconciliation. It is a marvelous stone for turning back insults and understanding that retaliation and revenge only hurt the self. Rhodonite can be used in past-life healing to deal with betrayal and abandonment, and is especially empowering for those who are generally passive to act on their need for healing.

Rhodonite brings balance to the emotional body, increasing self-esteem and confidence, and helps one to recognize and value their gifts and talents, and to expand them to their highest potential in order to help others. Rhodonite is associated with Anahata, the Heart Chakra, which relates to peace, decision-making, love, compassion and psychic healing. In shades of pink or light scarlet, Rhodonite crystals reflect the Light of the heart and love, and stimulate the Heart Chakra located near the center of the breastbone. The Heart Chakra regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what we embrace and what we resist.

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It gives us the balancing ability to be ourselves within the environment, and helps in our relationships. Rhodonite is a wonderful crystal for balancing the yin-yang energy, and helping one attune to the spirituality of the universe. It is a stone of great love and giving of oneself for the betterment of humanity. Red Rhodonite brings a self-confidence built on fearlessness. It reflects the color of passion, energy, and life.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

It motivates. It is a very strong color - the color of fire and blood. Dark Red crystals embody strong, deep feelings, durable energy and quiet passion. It is a masculine color, particularly useful for increasing devotion and seeing the seriousness of life. Light Red or Pink Rhodonite brings the subtle, more feminine energy rays of determination, commitment, and caring.

The soothing color calms feelings of anger or resentment, and can aid efforts to meditate and reflect. Pink is the color of new love, new romance and new relationships. It increases developing sensuality, and can help overcome heartache, improving our caring and loving abilities.

Scarlet Rhodonite, with its red-orange rays, reflects the color of strength and vitality, both physical and spiritual. Scarlet crystals are amulets of protection from physical harm. They help overcome fear and improve self-reliance, and are the crystals of victory, success, and skill. Lighter shades of scarlet, the lightly tinted red-oranges, are excellent talismans of dedication in young relationships. They combine the pink energy of romantic love with the light orange energy of contentment with family and friends. Dark Scarlet crystals are the key to physical pleasures of maturity - in love, in life, and in relationships.

It may also be used for closing metaphysical gates, and eliminating confusion and doubt.

The Crooked Path

The Divinatory meaning of Rhodonite: Examine your innermost emotions to determine what you really want to be and who, if anyone, you want to be with. Rhodonite varies in color from pink to red, red-orange to brownish-orange. If your birthday falls in any of the following periods, a Rhodonite of the color listed can be a valuable conduit to your Guardian Angel. The table also provides the name of the Guardian Angel of those born in the time period. There are other Angels that are partial to Rhodonite. The table below gives you information about them.

As a writer, scribe, activist and architect, she is symbolized by an inscribing stylus. She also helps with interpreting dreams. There are several ways to find an appropriate birthstone.